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Lisbeth Thygesen, kunst, kunstner, kunstnerudtalelse

The art of Lisbeth Thygesen

Lisbeth Thygesen is a Danish artist whose work represents an exciting symbiosis between art and spirituality. As a shamanistic visual artist, Lisbeth Thygesen has created a unique and personal artistic expression, which is inspired by her experiences and travels in the spiritual realm.

Lisbeth Thygesen’s paintings and drawings are characterized by a figurative, magical, realistic style and a passion for Nordic nature in particular. Her art is not merely decorative – it is an invitation to open our eyes, our hearts and our souls to the eternal cycle of nature that is present in each of us.

As a shamanic, visual artist, Lisbeth Thygesen works to open the gates to other dimensions and connect with invisible forces that can affect our lives and health in a deeper way. Her work is a reminder that our lives are part of a greater whole and that the connection between the physical and the spiritual is essential to our well-being and health.

Lisbeth Thygesen’s artworks can be considered a kind of modern magical talismans that we can use to remind ourselves of our connection to nature and the universe. Through her art, we learn to open our eyes and see the beauty in the fragility and mystery of life. Many also experience her art as healing and calming.

Lisbeth Thygesen’s work as a shamanistic visual artist has resulted in exhibitions both at home and abroad. Her art and shamanistically grounded spirituality are a powerful testament to how art can work in harmony with the spiritual world and inspire us to discover our own inner truths and potential.,

Editor on danish art magazine Kunstavisen and art critic on danish newspaper Jyllandsposten, Tom Jørgensen, writes the following about my art:

“Lisbeth Thygesen.

Dreams and fables. These are the two key words when describing Lisbeth Thygesen’s visual world.

The dreams are her own. What we see in the pictures, and the stories we can deduce from them, is rooted in her dreams. Dreams that only appear in their entirety when the individual image is painted. This is a completely unconscious process.

Fables are tales with animals in the lead roles. Animals that have human characteristics and express human emotions, concepts and philosophies of life. The two best known fable storytellers are Aesop and la Fontaine, but Lisbeth Thygesen’s fables are deeply personal and come directly to her through her dreams.

Looking at the paintings, you discover two things. First, many of the animals and creatures have eyes placed around the body. Here one immediately comes to think of the Third Eye, which is the eye of cognition in Buddhist philosophy of life, from which one can look back into the past and into the future, but most importantly: see through and acknowledge life as suffering. A necessity to open the eye through meditation and practice. Thus, the Third Eye has to do with wisdom and recognition.

The other thing we immediately notice is Lisbeth Thygesen’s landscapes. This is the Nordic nature with deep, dark forests and with colors characterized by being subject to the seasons changes.

In this landscape and scenery we see bears, foxes, badgers and ravens, but also decidedly imaginary creatures. Lisbeth Thygesens art is based on the characteristics of the individual animal: the strong and extremely protective mother bear, the supple and agile fox, the smart raven and the shy badger living underground during the day and only coming out at night.

Lisbeth Thygesen paints the bear as a symbol of strength, courage and steadfastness. She might plant a budding little oak tree where the heart should be, to show that even the most humble and overlooked thing can grow big, strong and mighty. Not the only example of plant and flower symbolism by Lisbeth Thygesen. For instance she can place some beautiful purple fireweed in the hands of a badger’s spirit. Fireweed, that in flower symbolism express courage, humanity and protection, correspond well to the badger’s both literal and symbolic groundedness.

On the whole, many of Lisbeth Thygesen’s paintings revolve around the necessity of being able to rest deep within oneself and dare to take the leap forward, upward and inward towards wisdom. About the necessity of reaching a self-insight, for only then can one come into harmony with one’s surroundings, with nature, the world and everything. 

In other words, if Lisbeth Thygesen’s skilfully executed paintings are rooted in personal experiences and personal dreams, their message is universal and existential.”

– Tom Jørgensen

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